Cartons automatically packed with cornet of sweets


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project installed the carton packer PROPAC R110 for a sweets-manufacturer in Senegal - manual work could be omitted

The customer was initially skeptical: what previously has been done carefully by the employees with their hands, should now been taken over by a machine? But the solution from project convinced the clients - the candy bags of Senegalese manufacturer are now automatically packed in carton boxes.

Our analysis:

In a small production hall in Dakar, the penultimate stage of the production process, the packing of cartons was previously manual labor. Employees grabbed the candy bags and packed twelve in each box that had to be set up manually beforehand. Also, the closure of the boxes with tape was done by an employee. These processes can be designed much more efficiently automatically - with a throughput of 20 to 30 bags per minute.

Our solution:

The project solution consisted of a line with a carton erector, a carton packer including robotic - the PROPAC R110 - and a carton sealer. One challenge, however, was the uneven shape of the candy-filled plastic bags. If the bags slip in the carton or are stacked irregularly, the carton cannot be properly closed. To resolve this challenge, the project-team installed a leveler that ensures an even shape of the bags. Now, as requested by the customer, twelve bags are packed in one carton.