China Brew&Beverage 2016

Shanghai. - The renowned manufacturer for final packaging, project Automation & Engineering GmbH, presents at this year's Brew&Beverage 2016 an innovation in the packaging industry.
The ingenious PROsmart system is described in the german “ZIM example of success” in the field of technologies by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology as follows: "The new packaging machine offers an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional shrink film packaging, by saving process energy and reducing material consumption producing less waste."
The energy requirement of the manufacturing companies is reduced to a minimum of about 5% - compared with the usual cost of energy consumption. In addition, the packaging waste is reduced by half. Thus project A&E GmbH provides a new high-strength and ecological packaging.
At the same time project A&E GmbH assures the comfort for the end user is not affected in any way. Quite the reverse, it is made for an even simpler handling of the new SmartPacks, which are easy to open.
The PROsmart is responsible for environmental improvement as well as the space reduction in the production line, which can be reduced by it to 1/3 as compared with the usual length.
First major companies in the beverage and non-beverage industry already rely on the PROsmart successfully and soon the first SmartPacks can be seen in the supermarkets worldwide.
This new type of packaging is exhibited in Hall W2 booth 20612.