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Do you know about our PROlabel label applicator?

With the aid of transport labels, transport units can be uniquely identified, traced or tracked along the entire transport route. The GS1 transport labels have a unique serial number, with which the products can be clearly identified worldwide.

This process usually represents a troublesome, time-consuming and expensive task.
The corresponding label is often placed inaccurately on at least one side of the package. Whether by your own staff or by a system solution that can label only one to three pages at most of your transport unit.
In order to be able to scan and process the goods faster, without having to turn the pallets continuously, some of your customers will certainly demand an all-round gluing of the transport unit with transport labels.
But how do you want to complete this task cost-effectively, quickly and reliably without having to hire your own staff?

We offer you the possibility to solve this problem!

The PROlabel Label Applicator is a highly flexible and space saving robot system that labels your pallets within seconds, even from all 5 sides of the pallet! Properly read, the PROPAL can also attach the label from above.

Save on printing costs
By using a commercially available business printer, the printing costs and maintenance costs are reduced to a minimum, since no special replacement parts or toner have to be ordered here. Maintenance is carried out by the in-house IT department without excessive effort.

Simple application
Thanks to the integrated hot glue unit on the frame construction and the business printer, the transport labels are inexpensively mounted on the pallet. The information is printed on commercial copy paper, then the robot grips the printed sheet of paper, passes the hot glue machine - applying the optimum amount of adhesive to the label, which provides optimal hold on the product - and applies the label to the label retracted pallet. Thus, no special and expensive adhesive labels are necessary.

Flexible label sizes
Depending on the product and pallet size you can use labels up to a size of A3. Of course, smaller labels are also possible and can easily be changed in the program.
Prefer to use adhesive labels? That too is no obstacle to the PROLABEL label applicator. We also attach these easily to your pallets. In this variant, the hot glue unit is omitted on the frame construction.

Easy integration
You want to introduce the labeler later into your existing production environment?
But you have concerns that the space could be an issue?
No problem! Our PROlabel can be effortlessly integrated into existing production environments. Due to its unique design, it hardly takes up any substantial space. The footprint and design is variable and can be safely adapted to your production conditions.


  • Cost-effective in consumables
  • Flexible label and size design
  • Easy maintenance
  • Space-saving and subsequently integrable
  • High performance