General Cargo

Curved Conveyor

Curved conveyors are equipped with belts. With an inner diameter of (min.) 500 mm at a belt width of 300 mm each bend are possible.

Conveyor length, speed, lateral guides and conmveyor heights can be custom designed.


Mat belts

Conveyors with hinged-slat chains are equipped for various applications and product features.

Hinged-slat chains can be equipped with coated surfaces in order to endow conveyors with special functions, such as stop bands that create sequential infeed or acceleration.

Due to the small divisions of the band links, the band can be diverted to a small radius so that the distance between two conveyors is small and the transitions are fluid.

Conveyor length, speed, lateral guide and height can be custom designed.

Mattenband Förderer

Belt conveyor


  • Low-Noise
  • Easy to maintain
  • No belt elongation
  • Delicated material handling
  • Application-oriented belt coating for varying of cargo

Accumulating Roller Conveyor

Our accumulating roller conveyors are equipped with flat-top chains that have pressure reducing rollers to reduce the dynamic pressure.

These conveyors are particularly suitable for applications such as transportation, or the protection of products that should not be damaged by back pressure.

Conveyor length and width, speed, side guiding and heights can be custom designed.


Special mechanical engineering

project Automation & Engineering GmbH designs and produces machines and components that are exactly tailored to your special, possibly even unique, requirements. Our strength is realised when we draw from our expertise in engineering, electrical and control technology, and couple it with your own experiences and challenges, within your sector.

project A&E special mechanical engineering Cartons or boxes run behind each other into the product-erecting-station and, depending on the requirements, are turned or tilted. Of these horizontal incoming products, formats are generated ( 2 x 1, 4 x 1 etc.), which can then, for example, be fed standing into shrink tunnel or tray packer.

In an easy way, it is possible to:

  • Create product groups;
  • Tilt products;
  • Turn products around

The performance of the product-erecting-station is about 40 packs a minute.


Track Switch


  • Inflow of the prodcuts via a feed belt,
  • Distribution of products through the Distributor Switch, variable on two belts.

The products are distributed contact-less over a special strap hinge.

They are either transported in a straight line or by pneumatic actuation of the rolls on the strap hinge, on the right belt (see picture).

The product switch has a capacity of 70 products per minute, the performance depends on product size and the length of the Distribution Switch.