Pallet Conveyor Technology

Rotary Table with Roller conveyor


  • Product weight up to 1000 kg
  • 90° degrees rotation range
  • Conveyor speed 12 m/min
  • Conveyor height min. 500 mm
  • roll width 1000 mm


  • Slewing ring
  • More robust steel construction
  • Protect covering
  • Electromotive drives
  • roller pitch 160 mm
  • Roll Ø89 mm

Rotation Corner Composer


  • Product weight up to 1000 kg
  • 90° degrees rotation range
  • 45 mm stroke
  • Conveyor speed 12 m/min
  • Conveyor height min. 700 mm


  • Slewing ring
  • Protect covering
  • Electromotive drive
  • Track width of the chain conveyor 1000 mm
  • Roller pitch 160 mm
  • Roll Ø89 mm

Manual Lift Truck Station

The Manual Lift Truck Station is designed for ground level loading of material handling systems.

The pallet can be positioned by using a manual lift track on the lifting device; it is then raised to the transport height and transported on driven rollers.


  • DIN-Euro 1200 mm x 800 mm x 144 mm
  • 172- Euro 600 mm x 800 mm x 144 mm
  • Weight 40 - 1500 kg
  • Level of receipt 80 mm
  • Level off takeover 830 mm

Hand packing stations

The Hand Packing Station is integrated custom-made into a given system.

The pallet is driven to the required working height by a lifting-table. After each packed layer, the working height is adjusted anew.

With the Hand Packing Station's protection device, a safe working place is guaranteed.

On the lifting table, a chain conveyor is used to transport the empty pallet to the packing station, and then to transport the packed pallet to the next processing section.


Multiple Discharging Station

Multiple Discharging Station: For easy transfer, from process to fork lift truck.

Included is a role conveyor that acts as a corner transfer: Slide rails in front of the transport prevent chain movement while removing the pallets.

  • Conveyor height: 400 mm ± 50 mm
  • Pallet weight: up to 1600 kg
  • Spaces: 8 pieces

Lift / Lower Stations


  • Stroke distance 450 mm
  • Payload 1600 kg
  • Overtake level specified by customer (min. 400 mm with chain conveyor)


  • Belt drive (easy to maintain)
  • Robust, low-maintenance guidings of the sled
  • Designed with chain conveyor; all other designs possible upon request

PROCON Chain Conveyor

2, 3 chain


  • Intermeshing transitions for transverse transportation of pallets
  • Track width 1000 / 9700 mm
  • Variable Length and conveyor heights
  • 3/3" Duplex chain dimension


  • Solid construction
  • Common chain guide
  • Drive Shaft Ø50 mm, removable on top
  • Increased space on the 3/4" Duplex-chain for a careful pallet transportation
  • Hardened drive wheel

5 chain


  • Track width 700 / 900 mm
  • Variable length and conveyor heights
  • 3/4" Duplex-chains
  • Capacity up to 5000 kg


  • Solid construction
  • Common chain guide
  • Driveshaft Ø40 mm removable on top, 5-times mounted
  • Increased space on the 3/4" Duplex-chain for a careful pallet transportation
  • Improved transitions by a small deflection radius of the 3/4" duplex-chains.
  • Hardened drive wheel

PROCON Corner conveyor


  • Pallet weight up to 1600 kg
  • Conveyor height starting from 400 mm
  • 5-chain conveyor track 700 / 900 mm
  • 2- or 3-chain conveyor track 900 or 1100 mm


  • Drive wheels and chain defelection pulleys (hardened)
  • Chain deflection pulleys double ball bearing mounted
  • Electromotor drives
  • Much space on the 3/4" Duplex-chain for a carefull pallet transportation
  • Improved crossings by small deflection radius of the 3/4" duplex-chain
Kettenförderer Eckumsetzer
Kettenförderer Eckumsetzer

Shape Control

The load is measured by the Shape Control; its length, width and height. Pallets that do not conform to measurements are diverted.

The Shape Control is individually designed for the product measurements and conveyor height for the customer's needs.


PROCON PROCON Empty Pallet Magazine


  • 20 pallet capacity
  • Conveyor heights and widths vary
  • Pneumatic lifting and clamping movements
  • Optional protective housing
  • Drive of the gripper arms in synchronization via chain or by cog

Air consumption: 95 liters per pallet.


Pallet Inspection

This device tilts the pallet of 50° (approx.), in order to undergo a visual inspection from below and from above.

The positioning and pivoting of the pallet is done automatically. During the pivoting operation, the operator has the opportunity to inspect the pallet, however he cannot intervene at this point.


Pallet Centering


Pallet Dressing Line

The Pallet Dressing line coats pallets with a foil or cardboard layer, to contamination taking place beneath the product.

  • Performance: 2 pallets per minute
  • Foil width: max. 1350 mm
  • Foil length: 800 up to 1800 mm
  • Stitching heads: max. 9 pieces

Roller Conveyor


  • Variable lengths
  • Width according to customer specificatiom
  • Selection of roller types, specific to the load and size of the conveyed material
  • Load and speed to customer requirements
  • Adjustable (±50 mm)
  • Conveyor height designed to customers specification, starting at 400 mm
  • Available in powder coated or in stainless steel


  • Stopper
  • Separated drives
  • Liftint table
  • Tread plate
  • Sensors (e.g. light barrier systems or integrated in a roll)

Roll Corner Transfer Conveyor


  • Variable lengths
  • Width according to customer specification
  • Electronically Driven
  • Stroke allows for adjustable height
  • Selection of roller type, according to the load and the size of the conveyed material
  • Load and speed to customers requirements
  • Adjustable feet ± 50 mm
  • Conveyor height according to customers specification starting at 400 mm
  • Available powder coated or in stainless steel

Accumulation Roller Conveyor

This type of conveyor serves as a buffer between products (normally pallets). The Accumulation Conveyor needs only one gear motor as the clocked transport of the pallets is regulated by pneumatics. When a pallet position is empty, the following pallet is lifted by a pneumatic valve and transported over this position. This procedure is automatically repeated every time a pallet leaves the conveyor.

At a take-over of the product, the pulley is free again and the products move up automatically.


  • A sensor is not necessary because a simple pneumatic control stops the products and takes them off.
  • Furthermore, the entire conveyor requires only one drive.

Vertical Conveyor


  • Height of stroke 5000mm
  • High Output
  • Can be equipped with differnet fittings (roller comveyors, chain comveyors, etc.)


  • Robust steel construction
  • Durable chain drive with 1 1/4" chain
  • Interior counter weight
Vertical Rollenförderer

PROCON Shuttle cars


  • Adjustable speed, from 40 m/min up to 100 m/min
  • Product height max 2700 mm at shuttle car height 3710 mm
  • Transport loading weight 3000 kg
  • Shuttle car weight 4000 kg
  • 5-chain conveyor with 3/4" chains, track gauges 700 / 900 mm
  • Conveyor speed (chain conveyor) 12 m/min
  • Conveyor height mm

Safety device

  • Warning horn and flashing light on the shuttle car
  • Personal protection via laser scanner-field
  • Emergency stop button mounted on all four sides
  • Protective housing


  • Rugged steel frame
  • 4 piece of steel wheels (with wheel flange Ø400 mm) with clamping element
  • Drive Shaft 2 pcs Ø 60 mm
  • Cable-free connection via sliding contact pantograph. Data transfer by a photoelectric sensor.