Portal robotics


The PROPAL is a Portal lift system with extraordinary flexibility in mixed cargo handling. The operating radius of the PROPAL is extendable, in contrast to the classical arm robot. The maximum loading capacity of the PROPAL is 500Kg.

As in the entire project A&E machine range, the heart of the PROPAL is an innovative belt lift system suspended in a compact steel framework. The clamp head hangs in four plastic belts arranged conically in a square, winding and unwinding on rollers. This functional principle offers substantial advantages :

It is wear and tear free, boasts a high loading capacity (up to 500Kg) and because of the rigidity of the belts, has a high degree of horizontal accuracy ensuring an extremely smooth running of the whole plant.

The quadruple suspension of the clamp heads signifies an above-average safety standard for man, machine and goods. The space-saving lift system of the PROPAL makes it ideally suitable for operating in low-ceilinged buildings. The PROPAL requires only 2500-mm interior height, with the pallet height is 1500 mm and the conveyor height is 300 mm.

3 Axis4 Axis
Up to 8 cycles per minuteUp to 8 cycles per minute
up tp 500kg load capacityup tp 500kg load capacity
Stable, accurate and low maintenanceStable, accurate and low maintenance
Minimum operating heightMinimum operating height
Low wear/anti-tear on assembly lineLow wear/anti-tear on assembly line
Foot print = working areaFoot print = working area