Gripping heads

Pince gripper


This gripping head with gripping pliers is particularly suitable for the handling of bags.

The gripping head combines a gentle product handling with high performance. It is the ideal partner or portal with belt lift systems, as well as gantry and bent-arm robots for precise palletising of bags up to 50 kg.

Gripping Head with Vacuum Cups


We offer gripping heads with vacuum cups in varying designs for different fields of application.

Our gripping heads are designed in-house and fitted to customer specification for their individual use.

By linking to belt lift system based portals and bent-arm robots.

Our vacuum gripper heads ensures

  • High reliability
  • Robust design for "hard" production-process
  • Individually prepared solutions
  • Minimization of operating costs
  • Rapid exchange of products
  • First-class quality parts
  • Modern control with feedback control systems
  • Clearly arranged operation and operational procedure
  • Low maintenance cost
Greifkopf mit Saugplatte

Gripper head with suction plate

The gripping head with suction cup is in a special version to grip containers with a thick neck or a flat top. On its underside, the gripper has a foam plate, which is equiped with boreholes in accordance with the layer pattern. The products are kept in this manner by using vacuu.

Equally suited for palletizing is the gripping head with suction plat for the de-palletizing and represents a prevalent, inexpensive, robust standard solution - for example palletizing of Weitmund-hollow glass containers.

By simply replcaing the foam sheet the gripping head is almost universally applicabl for differnet product dimensions and layer pattern, whereby the layer dimension has a standard of 1000 mm x 1120 mm.

Clamping gripper


The clamping gripper with clamping hoses and centring bars is specially adapted for gripping product layers such as cans, bottles or container packages.

They are centred by four-side-framing and gripped each-side with clamping hoses.

After lifting the layer a blind is driven below the product in order to ensure safe transportation.

The gripper head is just as suitable for palletising as de-palletising - with links to our belt-lifting portals, portal robots and bent-arm robots; our gripper head makes this a cost effective, robust, and powerful solution.

The gripper head is used nearly universally for a variety of product dimensions and layer patterns, with the standard size of 1000 mm x 1200 mm.

Venetian blind gripper head



  • 3 layers per minute
  • max. product height 400 mm
  • Max. weight per layer 200 Kg
  • Max. dimension per layer 900 mm x 1200 mm


  • Drop-down by min. 35 mm
  • Approx. weight of layer gripping head 550 Kg
  • 360° degrees head rotation function (optional)
  • Caused of the small venetian blind height it is possible to drop also smaller containers


The formed layer is picked up from the Venetian blind dispensing table and got into position.

The gripper head is driven with open blins on the table in position and lowered over the layer. The gripper centring bars centre the layer and guarantee a save and stbale transport of the material to be conveyed.

Tube Gripper



The grip arm strip picks up the bottle, which is held pneumatically by the bottleneck. To facilitate quicker ventilation of the tubes, vacuum producers are installed directly in the gripping head. At request, this gripper head can be equipped with binding for portals with belt lifting systems, portals or bent-arms robots.

Gripper Head with Grab Tubes

This gripper head with gripping tubes is suited specifically to the gripping of bottles with a distinctive "neck". The product is held by grab tubes, which inflate with air in order to offer a delicate yet secure grip. This makes the gripping head perfect for the palletising of glass bottles.

This gripping head is applicable nearly universally for varying product dimensions and layers. The standard size amounts normally up to 1000 x 1200 mm.

Combined Gripper Heads


For different uses, we offer custom-made gripping heads, whose are applicable for portals with belt lifting systems, portals, or bent-arm robots.

PROPAL Pick and Place Packer Function

The Pick- and Place Packer takes up products from the infeed-conveyor, turns and puts the product into the required layer pattern on the pallet.

The Pallet and Intermediate Layer Gripper Function

The Pallet and Intermediate Layer Gripper head lifts intermediate layers with suction and grips pallets.

Multifunctional-Gripper head Function

The multifunctional-gripper head has three different functions: The take-up and hand over of cardboard, by lateral gripping units, and the take-up and handover of a pallet in the same way.


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