Layer palletizing




  • Column height only 1800 mm
  • Stroke: 100 bis 2.000 mm
  • Load max. 150 kg
  • Grippingheads by customer requirements
    • Example:
    • Tube gripping headfor 1,5 ltr PET - bottles
    • Cycles: 63 bottles for each layer


  • solid column construction
  • Maintenance-friendly
  • Control system: Siemens


The PROPAL 9600 Glass Palletizer is extremely flexible and, depending on customer requirements, can be assembled using a modular concept. Because customers' precise specifications were taken into consideration during the design stage, the 9600 represents the latest in engineering. By consulting suppliers, the system reliability was optimized through the use of high quality components, precision gears, multifaceted system technology and redundant safeguards, while absolute-value transmitters minimized the need for sensors.

The grip mechanism, together with the innovative lift system, is the heart of the PROPAL 9600. The gripping system is suspended from four strong belts positioned in a square and conically arranged so that the belts roll up and unwind, smoothly and effortlessly changing the height of the lift system. Taking up little space, the positioning of the 4 belts provides reliable stability to the lift system, which in turn ensures accurate positioning of the product. The smooth operation and no-wear lift system give the 9600 a clear advantage over the more conventional, aged palletizers and bent-arm robots. Due to the space-saving band lift system, the PROPAL 9600 has a sleek, low-slung profile with an overall height of only 3,800 mm, a pallet height of 2,400 mm and a conveyor belt height of 300 mm. It is, therefore, particularly appropriate for production halls with low ceilings.

The PROPAL 9600 is equipped with a centering framework that accommodates a four-sided synchronization system ensuring products being processed will always be centrally positioned on pallets, on intermediate layer shelves and in open boxes. These centering capabilities are performed with such precision that even critical bottle placement is reliably carried out.

The utmost attention was given to the use of near-maintenance-free construction elements for the lift system, cog drives and the Vulkolan rolls. As a result, we have been able to comply easily with customer requests for glass hygiene.

The basic model is semi-automatic, consisting of the production line entry, belt lift system, gripping mechanism and centering framework. Maintaining semiautomatic advantages, the basic model can be enhanced to a more powerful, versatile, fully automatic palletizer by incorporating a slide-valve (1 to 4 lines), an intermediate layer shelf feeder, an open box magazine, an intermediate layer shelf magazine, an open box assembler, an empty pallet feeder and a full pallet remover. Additional expansion is also possible due to the modular construction style.



The PROPAL 3T 180x is a stable column design with a payload of 100 kg.
Equipped with three axes:



The PROPAL 3T 500x is a freestanding column construction with a payload of 500kg:
Equipped with three axes:



The PROPAL 4T 500 is a freestanding column construction with a payload of 500 kg.
The gripping tool can be freely adjusted to the most advantageous position within the working area.