PROPAL Roboter

Flexible & Powerful

Industry is characterized by flexibility and performance. Large quantities must be processed and packaged quickly. These requirements are met by a robot system only. The PROPAL-palletizing robot system is a highly flexible, high-performance robot system that can be adapted quickly and cost effectively to your individual needs and requirements. PROPAL robot can be easily integrated by the modular structure into existing production lines.
PROPAL palletizing robots can be used for

  • Palletizing and picking
  • seperate
  • Sort and mix.

Through our extensive industry experience, we have the right solution for a flexible and high-performance production for a variety of applications. It does not matter whether for single or pre-grouped products or a single palletizing robot up to the complete palletizing line.

Increase productivity

  • Long machine operating times
  • High speed
  • Sophisticated gripper technology
  • Efficient conveyor technology
  • Barrier-free communication

Simple line integration

The modular design of the PROPAL palletizing robots allows easy and fast integration into existing or planned lines. The space requirement is small. The decades of experience of project automation & engineering in the planning and implementation of palletising and robotics is another guarantee for a smooth integration and implementation.


The PROPAL palletising robots are almost limitless, regardless of whether the cans, jars or bottles, regardless of their shape or size, stack and palletize your products gently, quickly and cost-effectively.


The use of PROPAL palletising robots, in addition to increasing flexibility, entails a considerable increase in performance compared to manual palletizing.
The employees are relieved and can be deployed elsewhere, the implementation of occupational medical guidelines and regulations and their execution in the field of palletising can be neglected.
The cost pressure, which must not be underestimated, also be increased by the increase of working wages, e.g. Also the introduction of minimum wages is not necessary when using PROPAL palletising robots.
The operating costs are low, the return on investment is high and you remain independent of increases in wages.
Maintenance costs and downtimes are low. The gentle handling of your products guarantees minimal losses.