Palletwrapping - PROWRAPP


PROWRAPP T with Rotary Plate

We call our PROWRAPP T (with rotary plate) 'an ideal solution' for dealing with high volume packaging.

The PROWRAPP T is capable of wrapping up to 40 pallets per hour. An ingenious stretching system provides the optimum safety and tension of the plastic wrap with minimal wrap consumption. We take great care in ensuring safe stretching and fusing of the material, while maintaining high durability.

The PROWRAPP T is greatly adaptable to your individual needs.

For example:

  • Dustsheet or waterproof packaging
  • The low holder for additional pallet safety
  • High quality film stretching system
  • Pallet preparation for automatic warehouse availability
  • Customised solutions


High number of different wrapping programs, high performance, longer performance without immediate supervision.

No Dead time = better economy.

PROWRAPP R with Ring-Runners

High palleting performance, large amount of stretching programs and machine availability are all demands that the PROWRAP R with ring-runners meets successfully.

Because of the well-chosen stretching programs, this machine achieves up to 90 palletes per hour.

The PROWRAPP R meets the highest requirements by protecting pallets in transport, while retaining optimal warehouse loading at low cost.

Even though the packaging performance is high, the centripetal force of the tape roll does not interfere with the product, reducing destabilization of single layers and whole pallets during the wrapping process.

Options for the PROWRAPP

  • Cover-sheeting Unit, to install a finishing protective layer on top of the packed pallet
  • Holding-down device, to fix the pallet
  • Taut wrapping increases stability and pallet safety
  • Wrapping unit that bonds pallet with product
  • Conveying system
  • Additional safety devices