Automatic handle roll gluing

Separate unwind unit for two pre-laminated handle rolls with automatic tape bonding.

The project auto splicing technology ensures a smooth inflow of the handles to the handle applicator, with the special project technology for a continuous production flow and uninterrupted production.

The heart of the auto splicing unit is the very easy-to-use connection unit, in which the two handle rollers are brought together for uninterrupted production.

The precise and fast working unwinding device guarantees a clean and fast feeding into the
Handle applicator. In conjunction with a PROGRIP handle applicator, the auto splicing units from project are an unbeatable and efficient team.


Product features


Your advantages

  • No interruption of production during the gluing
  • Very easy to use
  • Reduced costs
  • Flexible installation options (up to 5m distance to the handle applicator)
  • Own control, can be used e.g. in front of a handle applicator from other manufacturers

Auto Splicing

The function of the automatic handle rollers is glued here.

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