Precision work for a warehouse

It was the third project that a company commissioned by project Automation & Engeneering, but this time the project A&E team faced challenges. It counts, and that is to be understood literally, on every millimeter!

The task

The customer, one of the largest suppliers in the automotive industry, wanted to place a storage area (chaotic storage system) in their production, which receives and outsources trays with the manufactured products at a high throughput. The system should communicate with a higher-level management system. The transport to and from the warehouse is ensured by automatic guided vehicles and conveyors. So far, so good - but the warehouse was in a building that only had a ceiling height of 2.70 meters. This means that systems that use telescopic poles to guide the gripper were out of the question for this project.

The solution:

In coordination with the customer, project A & E decided to use our PROPAL P system. The gantry robot is characterized by extremely low height requirements because the gripper head is guided by an innovative, wear-free belt hoist. This special form of construction means that the existing space can be used almost completely for storage. The space requirement of the PROPAL P is limited to the frame construction of the system.

In operation, the PROPAL P moves up to 1100 games per shift. The dimensions of the system (9.6 mx 6.8 m) ensure a maximum floor space for the trays (in this case 150 parking spaces). During the construction, care was taken to ensure that the storage area optimally adapts to the shape of the building in order to achieve maximum floor space. As a result, only a gap of 35 millimeters separates the system from the wall in some places – precision work for the customer!